Five Way Agreement Rangers

“Es (Newco) has become a member of the Scottish Football Association (“SFA”), the umbrella organisation for Scottish sport. These events were reflected in an agreement reached on 27 July 2012 between the SFA, SPL, SFL, Oldco and Newco, which is known as the “five-way agreement” in this procedure. I don`t buy trade secrets! There shouldn`t have been a chord wrapped on the pants legs! In the end, Sevco were not allowed to play in the Scottish Fitba. End of the. This document is confidential for a reason. The content of the document will not be too well received with the football (and probably above) public. Treating the payment of public fees with such contempt is a detestable practice, but easily fits with the SFA mantra This document is contrary to all the laws of the game because of the illegal purpose of its design. If there was something integrity in him. Even a hint of honesty would surprise me very much. It`s just a charter of crooks, built and entered by crooks, and for the sake of crooks! This document is only an attempt to legitimization of their actions, if the Brown substance were to hit the most confused thing! An ass cover maneuver at the highest level! A piece of corrupted paper to protect the corrupt The word “confidentiality” used as a veneer of seriousness. It`s a secret! No more, no less. A secret between our governing bodies, a disgraced Oldco and a cabal of secret investors who qualify a Newco.

A Newco that is not allowed to participate in our leagues and trophies. The organizations involved in this document are breaking the rules of the game. As such, they are…. Crooked, bent, corrupt! It`s a secret society. A bit of trawling rev is known four and five ………… but I`m going to drop it for now….. Because it`s probably a little too much information for everyone……. and anyway, I`m tired……. “Under the five-lane agreement, the club is paying off football debts both in Scotland and abroad” “Previous agreements between the club and the SFA” probably refer to the five-way agreement between Rangers, Sevco, SFA, SPL and SFL. This agreement attempted to isolate the new unit of certain activities of the last majority shareholder of the Oldco Rangers, Craig Whyte, known as the CW Exempt Acts. “We are pleased to confirm this agreement on all outstanding issues regarding the transfer of the SCOTTISH FA member between Rangers FC (in administration) and Sevco Scotland Ltd , which will be the new owner of Rangers Football Club.

A conditional membership will be issued Sevco Scotland Ltd, which will be the new owner of the Rangers Football Club. » . I doubt that the five-way agreement was ever signed – it would be too much of a smoke gun – it served as an unassigned discussion document, which all parties involved were able to get rid of as an early project. … And what is important is that the SFA violated all the conditions of confidentiality by even partially disclosing this part of the agreement (Am I Paul?) She called it that because five different organizations signed it, and it is important to note that. Do we think this is a balanced agreement or does anyone think that we have benefited or hindered our progress? I will say it even more openly; 2000-2011 Rangers won five league titles that would have to beat the plate federations.

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