Studio Space Rental Agreement

The tenant assumes responsibility for losses (the amount exclusively determined by the ownership of the factory studios) or damage to the studio; Equipment in commercial premises resulting from the same tenant (except for normal wear). The tenant agrees to cover the cost of repairing or repairing such losses or damage within 48 hours of a claim from Werk Studios to the tenant. 8. Please also note that factory studio facilities are private spaces; However, there are security systems that contain cameras. Camera content is never broadcast, shared or used in any way other than risk management for Werk Studios assets, employees and customers. Your privacy is as important to us as your security and factory studios agree with this promise of confidentiality. You and all employees who are with you as a “booking party” will be informed of these security systems. Manipulation or, in any way, manipulation of security system equipment can lead to criminal prosecution. If you are under the age of 18 (18), the parent or legal guardian who enforces the agreement on your behalf agrees that you, as well as the parent or guardian, are subject to all the conditions stipulated in this Agreement.

No minors are allowed in the photo studio. In the event of a violation of this Directive, you will not only be subject to the possibility of being excluded from future use of the studio, but you will also be informed that you will be fully responsible for any dispute related to the photography of a minor. Werk Studios is not responsible for violations of this directive. 50% retention is required to keep studio and rental items and the date of the event. The retention is applied to the final count and the balance is due on the date or date of your rent. The date and rental/studio items will only be reserved when the signed storage and rental contract is forwarded and received to the studio. Preservation is not refundable. As a condition of renting factory studio facilities and equipment, the RENTER freely and without constraint, the release and renunciation of liability under the following conditions: 1. Studios must be evacuated on time. Installation, ventilation, cleaning, packaging are all included in the reserved time that has been planned and agreed upon. Overtime charges are $150/h and are charged in 15 minutes. (For practical reasons, this means that if you are in the room 1 to 15 minutes above your scheduled time, your credit card charges an additional $37.50 in late fees.

16 to 30 minutes are charged a $75.00 fee etc…. (b) release and remove forever the parties released from liability for bodily harm, death, property damage or losses incurred by the tenancy for any reason, including, but not limited to, negligence (negligence and attentive person used in similar circumstances), violation of any legal obligation, infringement, fault, act, inaction or misjudgment committed by studio owners and/or staff; DAMAGE TO EQUIPMENT, FURNITURE, OR STUDIO:Renter agrees to pay all repair or replacement costs for equipment, furniture or studios damaged by tenants within 3 working days. In the event that the tenant`s staff, tenant contractors, tenant`s clients or all visitors to the tenant will damage any equipment or studio, the tenant agrees to pay for any necessary repair or replacement within 3 working days. The tenant agrees to leave the studio in the state where he was found, or a $100 cleaning fee is estimated and charged. 4. Minor secondary damage to the Werk Studios property as part of normal use is occasionally and the customer is not responsible. However, if damage is caused by intentional acts, negligence or unwarranted behaviour, the customer`s credit card is charged for the damage, even if the cardholder has not caused personal damage to the property.

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