Agreement On Journey Continuation

You must take an international trip, not a purely national trip. Both trains are to be operated by signatories to the agreement. They must have provided for a reasonable period of time between trains, i.e. at least the minimum used by official travel planners. You may need to obtain proof of the delay (which they are required to give you) from the late operator. The continuation of the journey must be carried out with the same operator on the same line. It is either the station staff or the train manager for the train that you give permission to request at the connecting station. CIVs were written when transit tickets existed for almost every route and were the norm, the current fragmentation of the rail industry means that people now have to travel with separate tickets, and frankly, CIVs are no longer suitable for this purpose. Be aware of their constraints: you should always use other websites for uncovered trips, for example.

B do not connect to the Portuguese, Norwegian, Finnish, Croatian, Bulgarian, Czech or Hungarian ticketing systems. You also charge a booking fee, you can avoid paying a fee by directly purchasing websites from the rail operators using the following basic rules. If you miss a link between the Eurostar and a Thalys or ICE with Amsterdam or Cologne in Brussels in Brussels, don`t worry. Simply go to the SNCB (Belgian Railway) international reservation centre, away from the main hall under the railway tracks, next to the entrance to the Eurostar terminal between platforms 3 and 2. There is a queue system, press the Railteam key, which I think gives you priority. Explain the situation and ask for the Railteam stamp on your ticket that will allow you to take the next train. It doesn`t matter if the next train is ice or Thalys, both members of Railteam. Do not talk to the staff at Thalys station, as there are reports that they have not been properly trained to CIV & Railteam celebrities and that they have falsely told people that they need to buy another ticket. You don`t! Once you have the rail crew stamp, you can simply board the next train and show the ticket and stamp to the driver.

Of course, you may need to use the tilting seats in the front of the Thalys entrance when it`s full, but it`s not a long journey. Comments are always welcome! If you continue your journey by InterCity train to the Belgian destinations, Luxembourg or the Netherlands via Roosendaal, you just have to take the next train, no further action is necessary, as your ticket is valid on each train in any case. In July 2017, 14 national rail operators signed an agreement that means that in case of delay and missed connection, you can continue to travel for free by subsequent train, even if you have separate tickets for each train and these trains are operated by different operators as long as both operators are signatories to the agreement. 2.1 Once your purchase is complete, you must provide your full name and contact details (telephone number or e-mail address) in order for your ticket to be issued. 2.2 You must be in possession of a valid ticket or authorisation to travel by Eurostar train. 2.3 The necessary changes to the class or type of ticket must be made and paid for before the start of travel. If you travel without a valid ticket or in the wrong class or with a discounted ticket for which you are not eligible, you will be charged the full fare applicable to the train, journey and class in which you are travelling at the time of your journey. Railcard or Railpass discounts are not allowed. Depending on the type of ticket, a refund for the original ticket may be possible and a service fee may be incurred.

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