Caretaker Service Agreement

(a) The Concierge Base – The caregiver undertakes to provide her services for _ number of hours per week, while receiving an hourly rate of / h. (If there is a schedule, it should be attached here.) (b) Live Tutors – The caregiver agrees to provide her services and stay on site/close to the client/beneficiary who agrees to provide accommodation and meals separate from the caregiver`s remuneration. To do this, the customer/beneficiary agrees to pay /hr (OR) _$ for the entire duration of the contract. The following three spaces should be used to indicate the mailing address on which the caregiver should work. This should be indicated as the street, city and state of the mailing address in spaces placed under the terms “mailing address of”, “city of” and “state of” (each). Select the “Transportation and shopping” checkbox if the nurse is expected to provide any of the services defined in the checklist below. If yes, mark any description that should apply to the required tasks that the nurse is to perform. Here you can assign the caregiver the task of “driving beneficiaries to medical, dental, adult and other appointments and activities”, “Shopping for food and other necessary items…” ” and “do other shopping for the recipient. If the first two selections do not exactly define all the driving tasks for which the manager is responsible, be sure to mark the third and define each driving task on the displayed blank lines.

If the caregiver is given the task of providing food, select the checkbox called “meals”. This theme also requires some additional details provided by a checklist. Be sure to place in each checkbox statement a marker describing each obligation for which the caregiver is required to mark the box “Prepare…” “, “Buy or help get food” and/or the box to control “Act as a companion in restaurants”. The second selection shows an area in which you can identify some tasks that the caregiver needs to perform in the service of the beneficiary. . . .

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