Epic Games License Agreement

7.1.2. For the purposes of the Standard Contractual Clauses, Epic is the data exporter and you are the data importer. 13.9. The SDK and related documentation are “commercial products” (as defined in paragraph 2.101 of the C.F.R.48), consisting of “Commercial Computer Software” and “Commercial Software Documentation” (as used in 48 C.F.R. §12.212 or 48 C.F.R. §227.7202). The SDK is granted to U.S. Government End Users only as a commercial item and only with the rights granted to other licensees under this Agreement. The Unreal Engine End User License Agreement for Creators is a legal document that you accept if you choose one of two standard methods of enrolling in the Unreal engine. It regulates your use of the Unreal engine and also describes your rights and obligations when you create projects with the engine. This license is free and 100% unlicensed; You can use it to create internal or free projects or to develop linear content or custom projects for customers, but not for publishing standard offers.

Download the EULA here in PDF. In this business model, Epic only succeeds if developers succeed with the Unreal engine. Many developers and publishers in the industry have signed up over the years to license Unreal Engine with royalty-based terms, and this level of access is now open to everyone. And don`t forget that we continue to offer personalized terms. The purpose of this agreement is to define the terms of use of the SDK and related services. Acceptance of this agreement will allow you to access the services listed in the Service Addendum for Standard Services below. You can access additional services by accepting the corresponding service additions, which may contain terms specific to the service. This agreement, along with all service supplements and any documentation contained by reference, forms a single agreement / By purchasing (brief reminder: it is a license and not ownership) of a game, you will knowingly obtain it in a state in which you find yourself, with all bugs / failures / crash / etc. without any guarantee. Epic and its partners do not assume responsibility for any claims, warranties and warranties granted to customer. The list of potential problems for which no one takes responsibility consists, among other things, of: programs that work poorly, do not work at all, may contain errors, errors or malware (such as viruses). Epic and its partners are under no obligation to inform, contain, prevent or correct them until they are legally compelled to do so.

The Developer Agreement contains the terms and conditions for your use of the SDK and Services.

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