Sample Software Consulting Agreement

In today`s business world, it is particularly important that contract workers perform their duties in different geographical locations as the operating base of the company, often continents outside the direct supervision of managers and executives. The agreement defines the legal obligations and rights of each party and defines clear channels of communication from the outset. Although each software consultant contract is of course different depending on the range of services and expectations of the hiring company, several elements will address almost any agreement: this IT consulting contract model is perfect for the independent consultant. To turn this template into a concluded contract, simply fill in the tokens on the right and the price table below. The customer undertakes to pay each month to the advisor a monthly retainer for the duration of this IT consulting contract, as indicated in the following table: For the company that orders the independent contractor, the contract can minimize the risks resulting from misunderstandings, establish legal and tax relations between employers and employees and identify important delivery dates for finished products. In addition, the agreement may govern intellectual property rights for each work created during the term of the advisor`s employment. The Advisor undertakes to provide IT consulting services, including the following services: [Services.Description] In addition, the Client undertakes to reimburse the Consultant for any additional costs incurred by the Consultant in the execution of this Agreement, including travel and expenses previously approved.

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