Tafe Nsw Managers Enterprise Agreement

Where a company agreement is in operation, the premium does not apply. We have created webinars to help them implement and make statements of agreement. Click below and searh for TAFE-specific training to access these recordings. Copies of these documents are also available on the TAFE NSW Enterprise Bargaining website. If you would like to appoint a negotiator to represent you (including yourself) during the negotiation process, send an email to EBUpdate@tafensw.edu.au. The email must contain your full name and electronic signature as well as information about the representative you wish to appoint. You can appoint a trading representative at any time during the negotiation process. Victorian TAFE teachers at dual sector universities are subject to the following dual sector agreements Today, TAFE NSW has also written to the relevant trade unions, the Community and Public Sector Union (CPSU) and the Australian Education Union/NSW Teachers Federation (AEU) on the start of negotiations. A copy of these letters can be found on the Corporate Bargaining Letters to Unions page. Although the nominal expiry date of the agreement is October 29, 2019, the agreement will continue until replacement. We will start negotiations for a new agreement in early 2019. Working with our employees as part of the agreement of our next company agreements is a top priority for all of us.

These new agreements will help us shape our workforce for the future and build together a successful, competitive and sustainable TAFE NSW. To learn more about the new company agreements, click on the following links: For more information about your representation rights during the negotiation process, check out this email. This is also available on the website for corporate negotiations. Your company agreement sets out the terms and conditions of your work, including your salary, leave, workload, and dispute resolution processes. TAFE NSW is about to start negotiations for a new company agreement for TAFE NSW employees, which will be covered by the TAFE Commission of NSW TAFE Managers Enterprise Agreement 2015. The current agreement expires on 30 June 2017. You can ask questions and give feedback about the company`s negotiation process by: If you have any questions, you can contact your local P&S Business Partner. This email will include: TAFE NSW has also had the opportunity to assert its rights as to how the proposed agreement can comply with national employment standards in the Fair Work Act and the corresponding Modern Award. The PSA (CPSU) sincerely hopes that TAFE NSW will accept the Commissioner`s recommendations to provide the full range of commitments and not to pursue its claims to allow all future TAFE managers employment contracts that can be terminated at any time without cause or notice (except for what was negotiated in the contract itself).

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