Tenancy Agreement Law In Oman

In Oman, our rental agreements establish that each party – tenant and lessor – must give three months` notice before the lease expires to evacuate the premises. However, despite the recent drop in rents, some landlords are not willing to reduce rent during the term of the contract. Under these conditions, tenants have no choice but to move from their rented homes if landlords are not willing to negotiate the rent agreed in the contract. It would also help to enshrine a clause in the rental right to take into account cases of disaster or poor maintenance. Under these conditions, another agreement or other accommodation must be provided by the owner. Most landlords do not voluntarily enter into a maintenance contract and pass this burden on to the tenants. The first rent is usually set freely by both parties on the basis of their agreement and agreement when concluding the rental agreement. This concerns the article “Oman`s real estate sector is facing serious challenges” (Muscat Daily, page 13, 31 August). The rental contract is automatically renewed for the same period as the initial term, unless one of the parties gives the other party a termination or termination – The relations between lessors and tenants of housing and commercial real estate as well as the registration of rental contracts are provided for by Royal Decree 6/89 and its subsequent amendments, Royal Decree 79/89, Royal Decree No 60/93 and Royal Decree No 85/93. in addition to ministerial and diwani decisions (“the law”).

The control that the owner has over his property compared to a five-degree rating scale: I would ask the relevant government authority to consider a reduction in the notice period by three months, as this makes it easier for tenants. The law requires that the duration of the lease be agreed by the parties; the law does not set a minimum or maximum duration. The lessor may not increase the rent before the expiry of the lease, unless the lease generally provides for a cheque or debt note from the lessor as a guarantee that the property will be returned to the landlord in the condition in which it was at the beginning of the lease (subject to normal wear and tear). The lessor can calculate interest on late rent according to the rates set by the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MOCI). Source: Global Property Guide Research, Contributing Law Firms The legal system protects the rights of citizens and foreigners. . . .

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