Workforce Development Agreement Alberta

(50) This Agreement, including the Annexes, covers the entire Agreement concluded by the Parties with regard to the subject matter of this Agreement. WDD supports the development and delivery of programs and services that help Canadians improve their skills, gain work experience, start their own businesses, and provide employment advice and targeted programs to people with disabilities and older workers. The new and amended agreements followed extensive consultations with more than 700 stakeholders on how to expand and improve skills and employment supports for Canadians. Canada and Alberta agree that it is essential to have the necessary performance measurement systems in place to track results and demonstrate results in the form of information on program and policy development. In the meantime, LMDA helps provinces and territories support Canadians by providing EI-funded skills and employment assistance. This support allows workers to quickly find, return and keep jobs while ensuring a skilled workforce that meets the current and emerging needs of employers. Labour Market Development Agreements (WMAs) are bilateral agreements with each province and territory for the design and implementation of employment programs similar to the benefits and supports described in Part II of the Employment Insurance Act. They also provide a skilled workforce that meets the current and emerging needs of employers. The parties will seek to reach an amicable agreement on the method by which the claim will be recovered from Canada. For certainty, the overpayment can be repaid by Alberta or claimed by deducting or offsetting the amount of the debt from a future contribution payable to Alberta. The Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, today announced details of a $1.5 billion investment in Workforce Development Agreements (WGAs) with provinces and territories. This investment will help Canadians in under-represented groups and sectors most affected by the pandemic – such as construction, transportation and hospitality – quickly access support to re-enter the workforce. It could include skills, on-the-job training, employer-sponsored training, financial support and benefits, employment advice and services, and employment opportunities.

This funding is in addition to the $3.4 billion that will be made available to provinces and territories in 2020-2021 under the WGA and Labour Market Development Agreements (WMAs). 19K In the event that payments to Alberta under the Canada-Alberta Employment Fund Agreement and the Canada-Alberta Labour Market Agreement for Persons with Disabilities exceed the amount to which Alberta is entitled under those agreements, the amount of the excess will be a debt to Canada and will be repaid upon receipt of the notice in Canada. Today, the Honourable Patty Hajdu, Canada`s Minister of Employment, Workforce Development and Labour, and the Honourable Christina Gray, Alberta`s Minister of Labour, announced that the governments of Canada and Alberta have signed agreements under which Canada will provide the province with more than $1.7 billion over six years to invest in Alberta workers. .

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