Enjoy our NEW Mobile Banking app & enhanced Online Banking service!

Here at UNITE Credit Union, we want to make banking with us easier and more convenient for you, or members. Both Online & Mobile Banking are completely FREE and include many features that allow you to: 

  • View and manage your account balances and transaction history
  • Save, print, or export account history statements
  • Make or schedule money transfers to other UNITE Credit Union members, financial institutions, or friends
  • Make or schedule loan payments
  • Send secure messages and questions directly to the credit union
  • Set-up account alerts for transaction amounts and balances
  • Set-up security alerts for your account
  • Save images to transactions
  • Put stop payments on checks
  • Re-order checks
  • Pay bills with Bill Pay

For our members who have previously used online banking, logging in may look a little bit different. We have replaced security questions for a faster and more streamlined Verification & Authentication process for your first time logging into the new online banking system.

  • Login with your member number and current password
  • Verify your member number, last four digits of your SSN, and your birthday
  • If information is correct, an authentication code will be sent to you either via email, phone call, or text message (your choice) to authenticate your device

This process only has to be completed once, UNLESS you’re logging in from a different device that hasn’t been authenticated and connected to your account login.


Image of UNITE's mobile banking app

Image of UNITE's mobile banking appMobile App

Now you can access your UNITE Credit Union accounts anytime, anywhere. If your phone is on, we’re open & ready to serve you! Enjoy all the same great features as online banking. As well as 4 easy & convenient ways to login to your account, including:

  • Save/Remember Member Number
  • 4 Digit PIN Login
  • TouchID/Fingerprint Login
  • Auto-Login

Available for Android and Apple iOS:

General FAQs

Why won’t Online Banking accept my password when trying to log in?

If online banking won’t accept your password and you are sure the password and you are sure the password you’re entering is correct, please call the credit union at (319) 273-2479 to either verify your 10-digit phone number or unlock your account (if it may’ve been locked from too many incorrect password tries). If this is not the cause of the issue, your credit union representative may suggest resetting your password by clicking “Forgot Password” in the login box.

Why won’t Online Banking set my new password?

Your password must meet a certain criteria. It must contain:

  • 8-15 characters
  • 1 uppercase letter
  • 1 number
  • 1 special character (optional)
Why is my account history not loading?

If your Savings (S1) account is either dormant or has had no recent activity in the past year, the system will process as an error when it tries to pull up your account history. You can either call or stop into the credit union to transfer/deposit into your savings account to bring activity current or hide the savings account within Online Banking. This is done by selecting the gear/cog icon located in the box of the selected account (in purple). A box will pop up and there will be a toggle next to “Hide Account”. Click that to hide the Savings account. Note that if you would like to unhide this or any other account at any point, you can go to the “Settings” menu and select the gear/cog next to the account, where you will be able to unhide accounts previously hidden.

Why won’t Online Banking verify my information?

Make sure you are entering the correct information. If you are, contact the credit union at (319) 273-2479 to verify that your information is correct in our system. You will be asked to verify your member number, last 4 of your social security number, birth date, and/or address. If any of this information was incorrect, it will be updated internally and you should now be able to verify your account in Online Banking.

Why am I not receiving an authentication code?

Be sure that you are selecting the correct corresponding format to receive your authentication code. If you select to receive your code on a telephone, please select “Voice Message” to receive an automated call to that number. If it’s a mobile phone number, you can either select “Text Message” or “Voice Message”. If an email is selected, please select to receive “Email Message”. If this was done correctly, and you still haven’t received your authentication code, please contact the credit union at (319) 273-2479.

What is each transfer type used for?

Account Transfer: Used for transferring from a UNITE Credit Union personal/joint account to another UNITE Credit Union personal/joint account.

Loan Transfer: Used for making UNITE Credit Union loan payments.

Member to Member: Used for transferring from a UNITE Credit Union personal/joint account to another UNITE Credit Union member’s account.

External Transfer: Used for transferring to/from another financial institution.

Pay A Person: Used for sending or receiving funds to/from Non-UNITE Credit Union members.

How do I see more details of a specific account within Online Banking?

If you want to see more details about a specific account like date opened, tax interest, loan interest rate, payment due dates, or payment amounts, you’ll select the “i” icon located within the selected account box (in purple).

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